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Texas Rent to Own Updates

rent to ownNo other state has more opportunities to purchase discounted properties than the state of Texas. Gain access to the following discounted Texas properties from one website:

  • Rent-to-Own
  • Foreclosures
  • HUD homes
  • Short sales
  • Sheriff sales
  • As-is deals

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What is Rent to Own?

A rent-to-own agreement is a contract for a set amount of time in which buyers have the option to purchase a property when the lease expires. In a typical scenario, the tenants can rent a property for an agreed amount of time, and at the end of that period, have the option to purchase the home. During the rental period, a portion of the rent is often credited towards the down-payment, sales price or closing costs. Tenants may also agree to buy the property for a predetermined price at the end of the lease by putting down a non-refundable payment of about 3%. With this option, the tenant is not bound to purchase the rent-to-own property at the end of the lease, but the property owner can’t sell to anyone else.

Why should you Rent to Own?

A rent-to-own home works similar to a car lease. Renters pay a specified amount of money each month to live in the house, and at the end of a set period, they have the option to buy the house. For many people, a rent-to-own home is the best alternative. People who are interested in buying a home but don’t have enough money saved for a down payment, or people who have low credit or bad credit can benefit from a rent-to-own agreement. Every month a portion of the rent goes towards the down payment to eventually buy the home.

How to Rent to Own

Rent-to-own is one of the best ways to buy a home. When you enter a rent-to-own agreement, a portion of your rent payment goes towards your down-payment; which means, that you don’t need a large sum of money to secure a home. By entering a rent-to-own agreement, you can skip costly mortgage insurance while at the same time, you enjoy the benefits of living in the property you’ll be buying. The rent-to-own process also helps improve your credit rating and your chances of being approved for a conventional mortgage.

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