Downsizing Can Happen at any Age

downsizingDownsizing is sometimes associated with retirees and empty nesters, but as it turns out, more and more homeowners of all ages are looking for smaller residential footprints.

As New York Real estate agent, Tyler Whitman, pointed out in a recent article in “Downsizing isn’t just for empty nesters. To meet their goals, many millennials must go through this challenging process too.”

Downsizing dilemmas

Getting rid of your treasured belongings that won’t fit in your smaller space is challenging. The upside of particular interest to millennials is the opportunity to dump old inherited pieces for trendy modern furniture.

Measure your new home before moving day, and decide what to take before you start packing. If there’s a larger item that you can’t bear to part with, store it. But not at mom and dad’s, say experts; they may be downsizing soon themselves.

Emotional attachment can make it hard to decide what you should throw out. Ask a straight talking friend or family member to help with an unbiased second opinion on tough decisions like whether your bookcase or king sized bed is way too big for your new digs.

Once you’ve rounded up everything you won’t be taking, have a garage sale. You’ll feel less guilty about parting with so much, and you can make a surprising amount of money to help with moving expenses.

Trying to dispose of all the items you can’t sell can be overwhelming. Hiring a pickup service for junk removal or to take to a charity can be well worth the expense.

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